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What Our Clients Say...


Caroline, Innisfail

Ana & Abby from Resolve have made my recent separation so much easier. Their professional manner and personalised approach has helped my ex and I immensely. We were assisted to negotiate together for the best outcome for our kids. This has in turn made a very difficult time that much easier on all of us. I would recommend them to anyone else going through a similar situation.


If you are looking for a way to remove the stress from dealing with your ex then look no further. The team at resolve made our mediation so much easier and I now feel I get on better with my ex than ever before. I can't believe how much money it saved too. Not going to Court was a great outcome.


The professional services of Resolve made such a difference to my life and to my separation.  Communication has increased dramatically with my ex-husband, it is so much easier since we mediated. I thought I would live forever in conflict but now my kids are much calmer, settled and happier. Do not hesitate to give mediation a try.


Resolve have made my recent separation so much easier, I can't believe we didn't do this sooner. Their professional approach and easy manner made our difficult situation so much more bearable. It is not over but for now we have avoided the Family Court and boy am I happy with that.

sue, kewarra beach

I really didn't believe that mediation would change our situation but after the dust settled, my ex and I started to talk more and we both work hard to stick to our Parenting Plan. Ana & Abby were so helpful and had clearly done this many times. I wouldn't hesitate to return if we ever hit more rocky patches or disagree on anything.

TONY, bentley park

Great service, thanks to the ladies at Resolve. I had been to Court before and swore I'd never go back. I didn't like the idea of mediation either but it was much less painful and a LOT cheaper than my lawyer.