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Workplace Mediation & Commercial Conflict 

Workplace Mediation & Commercial Conflict

We work with you to provide independent and professional mediation services for any workplace issue. We are experienced mediators, highly trained in mediation and workplace conflict. 

Conflict in the workplace can emerge for a number of reasons and can be destructive and affect a wide number of people. Causes can vary widely but all too often the conflict affects morale, performance, teamwork, efficiency and can seriously disrupt service delivery and customer satisfaction. Whatever the dispute in your workplace and whatever the level of conflict we can assist by providing impartial, neutral mediation services tailored to your specific needs.

We assist by identifying and understanding the issues and establishing the most appropriate process, timelines and venue for delivery of the service. We fully understand that workplace matters are time critical and we seek to start the process to meet your workplace need. 

Resolving Team Conflict - Workplace Coaching

Despite resolving the initial dispute, team dysfunction and interpersonal conflict can often remain. To complement our workplace mediation role, we also offer assistance in resolving wider issues of team conflict. This additional step is often identified during resolution of the initial dispute. The original mediation may resolve the dispute between two or more staff members but all too often the whole team is caught-up in the conflict and this needs to be addressed to achieve long term resolution.

Solutions are tailored to the team needs following the outcome of the mediation but can typically result in a report of recommendations or a half day workshop. These workshops can be used to introduce the team to techniques for improved communication, remind them of appropriate workplace conduct and consider what other changes may be needed to achieve a harmonious and productive workplace.


When changes are being considered within an organisation, dialogue about these changes can often result in conflict.  We offer a facilitated process to clarify perspectives and support decision making.


Where formal accusations of bullying and harassment have been made, a formal investigation is often necessary to meet all legal obligations under the Fair Work Act and Workplace Health and Safety legislation. It is often not possible to conduct these investigations internally as procedural fairness can be compromised, or a conflict of interest (or perceived conflict of interest) may affect the investigation process. We can assist by conducting interviews, analysing documents and providing a report with findings of fact and recommendations for organisational change.


Once we have met with you to understand the needs of your organisation, we will provide a quote for the scope of services required.

We are happy to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your organisation, simply call us for more information.